Part Identification

  1. Differentiation of the buttons on a mobile phone
  2. Checking correct cable assembly
  3. Differentiation of cylinder blocks
  4. Differentiation of tires of different types of medicine capsules
  5. Inspection of plastic cups and printing

Defect Inspection

  1. Inspection of burnt marks/short-circuit of connector resin
  2. Inspection of trimmer switch position
  3. Crankshaft porosity detection
  4. Inspection of flaws on a steel plate
  5. Inspection of pinholes and foreign materials on a sheet
  6. Inspection of stains on the bottom of beverage cans

Presence/Absence Detection

  1. Detecting defective pin plating
  2. Detecting "reject" marks on electronic components
  3. Detecting the presence/absence of bearing grease
  4. Detecting the groove defect in a piston head
  5. Detecting molded products remaining in a mold
  6. Detecting the presence/absence of package inserts and missing items


Custom built Industrial Cameras, Lighting and Lens solutions.


Stories of our successful clients serviced by Mechatricks

Gala Horebiger Ltd

Take it from Balaji, Project Manager of Automation Engineering at Mechatriks (Chennai, India), which provides turnkey custom automation cost-effective solutions for a variety of industries using advanced computer and automation technologies.


Our journey of excellence

  • April 2011

    Our Humble Beginnings

    Started as a training institute by name Mechatriks Academy. Educating students and working professionals in Industrial Automation.!

  • November 2012

    Mechatriks Automation has Born

    Started developing SPM machines for industries and machine vision systems for metal defect inspection!

  • February 2015

    Transition to Mechatriks Industrial Services Pvt Ltd (OPC)

    Became expertise in machine vision system and equipment. Servicing customers with machine vision based industrial automation and supporting them with vision equipment like camera, lens and lightings!

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Balaji Kuppusamy

Director - Mechatriks

Balaji holds a Master’s degree on Mechatronics engineering from Madras Institute of Technology, Chennai.
Balaji is an ambitious entrepreneur & passionate technology specialist, who is demonstrating excellence for over 4+ years
in Imaging Technology & Machine vision systems.

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